Mar 29, 2012

236 days of rain coming to Lagos

The Lagos State Commissioner for the Environment, Mr Tunji Bello, said at press conference yesterday that Lagosians should prepare for 236 days of heavy rain in 2012. What he said:  
The natural phenomena that controlled 2011 rainfall are still in force and as such it has been predicted that rainfall will commence from Thursday, March 22, with a margin of error of four days. To a large extent we will agree that this prediction is true as the rains have started in Lagos. It has also been predicted that the end of the season for 2012 is November 12 with a margin of error of two days; with between November 10 and 14 as probable days. The total length of rainy season for the year is approximately put at 236 days with a margin of error of two days. Like last year, Lagos will experience heavy rainfall with serious intensity.
236 days of rain? This won't be nice!!!

Pakistani girl commits suicide 12 years after horrific acid attack

                                 Fakhra before the acid bath...

A Pakistani former dancing girl left fighting for life by a 'horrific' acid attack has committed suicide a decade after being heavily facially disfigured.

Fakhra Younus, 33, leapt to her death from a sixth floor building in Rome 12 years after the acid attack which she said left her looking 'not human'. 

At the time of her attack in May 2000, her ex-husband Bilal Khar was the man accused of entering her mother's house and pouring acid over Younus's face as she slept.

The attack, which took place in front of Younus's then five-year-old son, left her unable to breathe and fighting for life.
Her nose was almost completely melted and she has since undergone 39 separate surgical procedures to repair her disfigured face over the past decade.

The horrific attack also burned off her hair, fused her lips, blinded her in one eye, destroyed her left ear and melted her breasts.
After being rushed to hospital she said, 'My face is a prison to me', while her distraught young son said at the time, 'This is not my mother'.

The mother-of-one moved to Italy after the incident to live in Rome and continue her treatment.
But on March 17 she took her own life, after leaving a message saying she was committing suicide over the silence of law on the atrocities and the insensitivity of Pakistani rulers.

Her ex-husband Bilal Khar (pictured above) was arrested in 2002 and charged with attempted murder following the attack, only to be released on bail after five months.
Khar, an ex-parliamentarian and son of a wealthy Pakistani governor, was eventually cleared of the attack, though many believe he could have used his family connections to escape conviction.

Battered women: What is going on in marriages these days?

I got the photo on the left yesterday but didn't upload it because I didn't have all the details. People who sent it to me said it was a woman brutalised by her husband, but they couldn't give me her name or when the incident supposedly happened. So I really don't know what happened to her...but it's obvious that she was badly someone. Now, the woman on the right had her fingers slashed off by her husband who is a police officer. He was not arrested for the assault.

If you're a happily married woman, please re-assure some of us single ladies about this marriage thingy...because for the first time in a long time, I'm beginning to feel kinda happy that I'm single. The things I hear, see, even's beginning to get to me...

Rihanna, is that you?

Haven't seen her look this way in a while. Looking so sweet and innocent. So loving it...

Exim Bank Tanzania appoints new Managing Director

By Staff Reporter     

EXIM Bank Tanzania has announced the appointment of Anthony (“Tony”) Grant as the bank’s new Managing Director
 Grant takes over the position from predecessor Sabetha J. Mwambenja who retired from the company in December 2010. 

Tony is an experienced banker who launched his banking career in 1980 with Citibank’s corporate banking business in Congo Kinshasa. He was subsequently assigned to Europe with Citibank to hold an Africa-wide regional assignment, which saw him assume responsibilities from Algeria to Angola and from Senegal to Somalia. With Citibank, Tony has also had retail banking exposure with the bank’s highly competitive New York City home marketplace. 

Upon leaving Citibank, Tony’s banking responsibilities have subsequently included duties as chief executive with indigenous African banks in The Gambia, D.R. Congo and Zambia, and in financial services in Senegal and South Africa. In the ECOWAS zone, his banking peers elected him President of the 16-country West African Bankers’ Association.

Commenting on his new post, Tony said, "I am very pleased to join one of the country’s fastest growing banks. In light of the current economic circumstances, am confident that the Exim Bank can play a major role in Tanzania’s economic growth.”
He added that his bank is committed to providing innovative and unique financial products that are based on the bank’s vast global experience and profound local knowledge. 

“I am looking forward to working closely with Exim Bank’s skilled and dedicated team to continue serving our valued customers and the Tanzanian market as a whole."
Commenting on the changes the Exim Bank   Chairman Board of Directors Yogesh Manek said Grant’s vast financial and banking experience will be instrumental in uplifting the bank’s growth and market share expansion as well as providing guidance during challenging periods. 

"We have an ambitious objective to be the leaders of innovative products in the Tanzania’s banking sector. Our zeal for providing unmatched financial services will see us invest in research to come up with new innovative products,” he said.

Mar 24, 2012


Prostitutes celebrate Zambia’s win over Ghana by offering free sex:

The last time the country of Zambia was in the finals for the African Cup of Nations was 1994 when the team lost to Nigeria 2-1.
So you can imagine the excitement of the country after the 1-0 victory over Ghana Wednesday which landed them in the finals against the Ivory Coast.
The exuberance even hit Zambia’s prostitutes, who beginning Thursday, started offering their sexual services for free as part of the football victory celebration.
According to a report, at many clubs, long lines of men waited for hours to celebrate the win with a lady of the night.
The report claims that at least one hooker serviced 11 guys while 200 other men waited their turn to celebrate.
Things got so crazy in all the sexual/football hoopla that one man was beaten for taking too long to orgasm. According to James, an eyewitness to the events, “Yes, we beat him up because he took too long to ejaculate. We were too many of us on line and the guy kept on wasting time on top of the prostitute.”




New Video: Iyanya - Kukere

New Video: Iyanya -

Mar 6, 2012


Barabara ya kwenda Tabora maeneo ya lupa tingatinga chunya barabara hiyo ikiwa imefungwa kwa kuchoma matairi ya magari kuto ruhusu polisi kupita kwenda kuchukua mwili wa mwanafuzi aliyeuwawa kwa kutuhumiwa kuiba simu KUTOKA MBEYA YETU KILA KITU
Moja wa maaskari wa kutuliza fujo akiwa amejeruhiwa kwa kupigwa mawe na wananchi hao wa chunya
Kijana huyu rasi ni moja wa vijana waliokuwa wakiwazuia polisi wasichukue mwili wa marehemu
Wananchi wakiwatupia mawe polisi
Mji mdogo wa chunya ukiwa hauna hata mtu mmoja anaeonekana maeneo waliopo polisi
Hiki ndiyo kituo cha polisi lupa tingatinga chunya kilichoharibiwa na wananchi wenye hasira kali
Hii ni nyumba ambayo walikuwa wakiishi askari wanaotuhumiwa kumuua mwanafunzi aliyetuhumiwa kuiba simu vifaa mbali mbali ya matumizi ya nyumbani vilichomwa moto na wananchi hao
Mkuu wa polisi mkoa wa mbeya Advocate Nyombi akiongea na viongozi wa lupa tingatinga chunya jana
Viongozi wa kijiji cha lupa tingatinga wakimsikiliza mkuu wa polisi mkoani mbeya jana Habari na picha tutawaletea baadae


KILA KITU KUTOKA MBEYA YETU BLOG Jeshi la polisi mkoani Mbeya limeendelea kujisiriba matope kwa kuendesha mauaji ya kiholela kwa raia ambapo jana askari wa jeshi hilo wamemuua mwanafunzi Said Msabaha wa shule ya Sekondari Lupa iliyopo wilayani Chunya mkoani hapa.
Mwenyekiti wa Kijiji cha Lupa wilayani humo William Patrick Mbawala, ameuambia mtandao wa huu kuwa mwanafunzi huyo kabla ya kifo chake alikamatwa na askari hao akiwa na wenzake watatu kwa tuhuma za wizi wa simu Februari 29, mwaka huu na baadaye waliachiwa kwa dhamana.
Amesema baada ya kutolewa katika kituo kidogo cha Lupa, Marehemu alionekana kuwa hali yake imedhoofika na alipoulizwa alieleza kuwa alipokuwa kituoni hapo alipigwa na askari polisi jambo ambalo liliwalazimu kumpeleka katika zahanati ya kijiji hicho chini ya Mganga aliyemtaja kwa jina la Dr. Solomon.
Amesema Baada ya kuona hali yake inaendelea kuwa mbaya ndipo lilipochukuliwa jukumu la kumpeleka Hospitali ya wilaya na bahati mbaya akafia njiani hata kabla ya kumfikisha katika Hospitali hiyo.
Naye Baba mzazi wa marehemu, Msabaha Hussein, amesema kuwa baada ya kufariki mtoto wake akachukua jukumu la kupeleka maiti kituo cha polisi ili wahusike katika kuuzika mwili wa marehemu kwa kile aichodai kuwa kifo cha mwanae ni matokeo ya kipigo walichokitoa alipokuwa mikononi mwao.
Nao baadhi ya wananchi waliohojiwa kwa masharti ya kuhifadhi majina yao wamesema kuwa baada ya kuona hali hiyo na kwasababu askari wanaodaiwa kuhusika wanawafahamu ndipo walipochukua jukumu la kuwatafuta askari hao ambao tayari walikuwa wametokomea kusikojulikana.
Wamesema kuwa baada ya kuwakosa katika makazi yao, waliamua kuzichoma moto nyumba za askari hao ambao ni Copl. Maxmillian, PC Mjuni na PC Hery ambapo hawakuishia hapo walimtafuta PC Fadhil bila mafanikio na kuharibu samani zake za ndani huku wakishinikiza Jeshi la polisi kuuzika mwili wa marehemu huyo.
Afisa upepelezi wa Jeshi hilo mkoani Mbeya (RCO) Elias Mwita alipotakiwa kuzungumzia sakata hilo alisema kuwa ni mapema mno.
Mwenyekiti wa kamati ya ulinzi na usalama wilayani Chunya Deodatus Kinawiro ambaye ni Mkuu wa wilaya hiyo alipotafutwa ili aweze kuzungumzia tukio hilo hajaweza kupatikana kupitia simu yake ya kiganjani.
Awali askari hao walidaiwa kutorokea Jijini Mbeya lakini taarifa kutoka ndani ya vyanzo vya kikosi kazi cha mtandao huu jeshi la Polisi mkoani Mbeya vimesema kuwa askari hao walikuwa bado hawajakamatwa wala kuonekana katika viunga vya Jiji la Mbeya.
Tukio hilo la kinyama limetokea siku chache baada ya askari wa jeshi hilo PC Maduhu kuhusika kumuua aliyekuwa Mwanafunzi wa chuo kikuu cha TEKU kilichopo jijini mbeya Daniel Godluck Mwakyusa (31) February 14, mwaka huu.
Habari na Ezekiel Kamanga, Chunya.

Suspect Detained Over Abuja Independence Day Bombing Dies In Prison

Tiemkenfa Francis Osvwo, one of the suspects detained in the October 01, 2010, Independence Day bombings in Abuja has died in Kuje Prison, and his lawyer, Festus Keyamo is alleging that he was murdered. Keyamo's statement yesterday below...
“Murder of Suspected ‘October 1, 2010’ Bomber in Kuje Prison
We are solicitors representing some of the Accused Persons Federal Republic of Nigeria v. Charles Okah & others alleged of carrying out bombings during the October 1, 2010 Independence Day Celebrations in Abuja.
On, Saturday March 3rd, 2012 one of the suspects in the case by the name, Tiemkenfa Francis Osvwo (Alias General Gbokos) died in the Kuje Prison.
Continue reading...
His death came on the heels of series of complaints by counsel representing him and his co-accused about the maltreatment meted out on the accused persons by the Nigerian Government in custody. The sickness leading to the death of TIEMKENFA FRANCIS OSVWO (ALIAS GENERAL GBOKOS) started when their cell was fumigated with a strange substance on the 8th of January, 2012, which affected the health of all the four suspects. Suffice it to reiterate that we, their solicitors raised alarm about that development at the time. Prior to his death in custody, ‘Gbokos’ had been urinating and defecating on himself in the prison and despite pleas by his solicitors requesting that he be treated properly, no one attended to him. On the 21st of February, 2012 TIEMKENFA FRANCIS OSVWO (ALIAS GENERAL GBOKOS) collapsed in court which stalled hearing for that day but despite the order of the court on the day in question that TIEMKENFA FRANCIS OSVWO (ALIAS GENERAL GBOKOS) be medically attended to by the Prisons authorities, no medication was administered on him. It was obvious therefore that the authorities wanted him dead. May we for the upteenth time resound our alarm that other accused persons in the October 1, 2010 bombing still in Kuje Prisons are facing similar conditions that claimed the life of TIEMKENFA FRANCIS OSVWO. At this juncture, we are constrained to state that we find it extremely inequitable that virtually all the suspects linked to the Boko Haram bombings have been enjoying bail while our clients, the alleged masterminds of the October 1, 2010 bombings, (still presumed innocent) continue to suffer indignities in custody. We therefore, respectfully, call on all well-meaning Nigerians join in the call for their bail and the Nigerian Government to facilitate the release of the other suspects in custody with a view to attending to their deteriorating health before they die in custody. Yours sincerely,