Feb 6, 2011

guiness world record

guiness world record: "

Recently, hundreds of unique world records have been collected in the new Guinness World Records 2011 which was officially published on September 15th 2010. The book shows off amazing records such as the smallest cow, the hairiest man, the tallest living man, the longest snake and so on.

Among these astounding records, Jesus Manuel Fajardo Aceves (above) from Mexico holds the World Guinness Record as the hairiest man in the world, which is regarded to be the most interesting record. Along with Victor 'Larry' Gomez, Gabriel 'Danny' Ramos Gomez and Luisa Lilia De Lira Aceves, he was born in a family of 19 people. All of them suffer from Congenital Generalized Hypertrichosis. Approximately 98% of their body is covered with thick hair.