Sep 20, 2011

Elimu Community Light (ECOLI) yaalika wadau

Dear Sir/ Madame

We are an NGO based in Arusha, Tanzania with the mission to enable, empower and enhance the capacity of marginalized groups by linking them with development opportunities and the social components necessary to alleviate the pernicious effects of poverty. We kindly write to you to inform you of our programs. So we can share our experiences with you for the best of our community development. Kindly visit our website to know more about us. For any questions or suggestions please write to us at

 Thank you in advance for taking your invaluable time to visit our website.
 We will be excited to hear from you.

Juhudi N. Mbwambo
Executive Director

Elimu Community Light (ECOLI)

P.O.Box 2253 Arusha – Tanzania

 Phone: +255 755 379 574



The link is: