Sep 23, 2011

The Sleepbox: Arriving At Airports Soon

The occasional airport comes kitted with sleeping lounges, but not everyone can get into those lounges. So, that’s what Sleepbox is for. Sleepbox is a temporary bedroom for the average traveler, that can be rented for periods of time while you’re tired and hanging around at the airport.

The Sleepbox is by no means a presidential suite, and measures three metres in height, and just over a metre-and-a-half wide.

There’s space for your luggage inside the Sleepbox, which comes in options of one, two or three beds, and each one has a nightstand. The windows have electric-driven blinds for your privacy.

Russian architecture company, the Arch Group, have designed the mobile bedrooms, but unfortunately they have only been installed at the Aeroexpress terminal of Sheremetyevo International Airport in Moscow.

This, from an Arch Group spokesperson:

Imagine the situation where you are in a modern city, you are not a local resident, and you have not booked a hotel. It is not a comfortable situation because modern aggressive cities give you no opportunity to rest and relax.

If you want to sleep while waiting for your plane or train, you face many security and hygiene problems. We believe that urban infrastructure should be more comfortable.

For this purpose we have developed Sleepbox. It provides moments of quiet sleep and rest without wasting time in search for a hotel.

Other obvious standard features include ventilation, and plug sockets for notebook and mobile phone chargers.

To spice things up a bit, added options include matted film on the windows, mood lighting LED lamps with changing light colours, built-in TV and touch-screen monitors, WiFi, an alarm, an intercom and a safe.

Chilled vibe…

The price depends on the number of hours one uses it for, and decreases relative to the amount of time you’ll use it for.

Because of the efficiency of the design, they can be installed and moved easily, and also present an opportunity for branded advertising.

It probably won’t be long before they start arriving at terminals all around the world.

[Source: DailyMail]