Dec 11, 2011

Durban Climate Talks: Broken Promises, Weak Rules

Durban, South Africa - Today, as UN climate talks concluded after running into an extra day, it became apparent that the outcome would provide little restriction on the destruction of the world's climate system.   

Responding to the final outcome climate campaigners from across the world explained how a few wealthy interests had subverted the process:

Sarah-Jayne Clifton, Climate Justice Coordinator of Friends of the Earth International said: 

"Ordinary people have once again been let down by our governments.  Led by the US, developed nations have reneged on their promises, weakened the rules on climate action and strengthened those that allow their corporations to profit from the climate crisis.

"The Kyoto Protocol, the only legally binding framework for emissions reductions, remains in name only, and the ambition for those emissions cuts remains terrifyingly low.  The Green Climate Fund has no money and the plans to expand destructive carbon trading move ahead.  Meanwhile, millions across the developing world already face devastating climate impacts, and the world catapults headlong towards climate catastrophe." 

"It is clear in whose interests this deal has been advanced, and it isn't the 99% of people around the world.  The noise of corporate polluters has drowned out the voices of ordinary people in the ears of our leaders."