Feb 2, 2013

Albino auwawa Tabora kwa kukatwa kichwa na mkono wa kushoto

Tabora Regional Police Commander Anthony Ruta.
I am so sorry to be the bearer of some bad news at the beginning of year 2013 and February month!  We have lost a brother with albinism by the name of Lugolola Bunzari seven year old who was brutally murdered around 0500 (Five am) on 31st January 2013 in Kanunge Village, Kinondoni Hamlet, Ulyankulu Division, Kaliua District in Tabora Region.  The attackers slashed his head, forehead, right arm and left shoulder, chopped off his left arm just above the elbow disappearing with it in the dark.   Lugolola’s grandfather, Zenga Buyanga Meli (95yrs) was also killed as he tried to protect his grandson.  He was mutilated with machetes.   
Tabora Regional Police Commander Anthony Ruta told UTSS Executive Director, Vicky Ntetema on the phone (01/02/2013) that eight men armed with machetes and shotguns invaded the homestead of pastoralist Bunzari Shinga (35yrs), the father of the victim shot him in the waist and left arm, left Lugolola’s grandmother, Dama Zenga with a machete wound on her left leg.  The two have been admitted to Kitete District Hospital in Tabora.  Ruta said that the family homestead is in a remote area where scattered neighbours could not come to their Bunzaris’ rescue on the day of the attack. The police force has appealed to villagers to volunteer information that would lead to the arrest of the attackers.   Ruta has asked the families of persons with albinism to populated areas for protection.  
May Lugolola and grandpa Zenga rest in eternal peace! Amen.
UTSS Executive Director, Vicky Ntetema