Sep 19, 2011

Tell Your Counterfeit Story and Win a Nokia Smart Phone

Truth be told, a lot of us have at one time or the other used a counterfeit phone. Some due to "condition", others were probably "deceived" by the beautiful looking clones. But again a lot more were downright greedy - they were moved by the "cheap article" and forgot that "e dey run belle". We want to know your counterfeit story, just share it. You are not alone. Just tell it as it happened. Was it the embarrassing loud music, or did the chinko explode in your ear; how cool did you feel when your Chinko phone rang in your pocket and you were with a prospective babe or bobo? We have just installed a lie detector on this blog so if you lie to make your story sweet, we'll get you...:-) The most truthful and interesting story will win a GENUINE Nokia Smartphone. Don't ask me which one, 'cos Nokia is keeping that close to the chest. But I promise you, it will blow your mind. This competition will last for four weeks, and you know how we do, real names only! The best part of this competition is; at the end of the four-week run, a winner will be picked by LIB readers, not get started!

from Linda