Sep 29, 2011


Moja ya mabango yenye ujumbe wa kuhamasisha wanaume kutahiri  ikiwa ni kampeni za halmashauri ya wilaya ya Mbozi katika kupunguza kasi ya maambukizi kwa kuhamasisha wanaume waende jando wilayani humo, kwa ujumla mwitikio umekuwa mkubwa ingawa wananchi wanaomba huduma hizo zipanuliwe na kufika vijijini




Akina mama wa kitulano wa kanisa la moravian Vwawa mjini wakiwa wamebeba sanduku lenye mwili wa mwalimu wa shule ya msingi Mwenge Bi Kashiririka aliyefariki juzi na kuzikwa jana eneo la Hasamba wilayani Mbozi


Sep 23, 2011

Nollywood producer Donald Okoli dies

Another death in Nollywood. Top writer and producer, Donald Okoli has passed away. The producer, who was in his forties, died this his sleep. Before his death, he'd produced several movies, including “Family Battle” which won an AMAA Award. May his soul rest in peace...amen! A few months ago someone I know also died in his sleep. He was 41. How do you die in your sleep? Can anyone explain what causes death while sleeping?

Rais Kikwete akisalimiana na kiongozi wa serikali ya mpito ya Libya Bw. Mustafa Abdel-Jalil

Rais Jakaya Mrisho Kikwete akisalimiana na kiongozi wa serikali ya mpito ya Libya Bw. Mustafa Abdel-Jalil jijini New York ambako wote wanahudhuria mkutano wa 66 wa Umoja wa Mataifa
Rais Jakaya Mrisho Kikwete akisalimiana na kiongozi wa serikali ya mpito ya Libya Bw. Mustafa Abdel-Jalil
Rais Jakaya Mrisho Kikwete akiwa katika maongezi mafupi na kiongozi wa serikali ya mpito ya Libya Bw. Mustafa Abdel-Jalil
Rais Jakaya Mrisho Kikwete akimtabulisha Balozi wa Kudumu wa Tanzania Umoja wa Mataifa Mh Ombeni Sefue kwa kiongozi wa serikali ya mpito ya Libya Bw. Mustafa Abdel-Jalil .Picha na Ikulu Mawasiliano.

The Sleepbox: Arriving At Airports Soon

The occasional airport comes kitted with sleeping lounges, but not everyone can get into those lounges. So, that’s what Sleepbox is for. Sleepbox is a temporary bedroom for the average traveler, that can be rented for periods of time while you’re tired and hanging around at the airport.

The Sleepbox is by no means a presidential suite, and measures three metres in height, and just over a metre-and-a-half wide.

There’s space for your luggage inside the Sleepbox, which comes in options of one, two or three beds, and each one has a nightstand. The windows have electric-driven blinds for your privacy.

Russian architecture company, the Arch Group, have designed the mobile bedrooms, but unfortunately they have only been installed at the Aeroexpress terminal of Sheremetyevo International Airport in Moscow.

This, from an Arch Group spokesperson:

Imagine the situation where you are in a modern city, you are not a local resident, and you have not booked a hotel. It is not a comfortable situation because modern aggressive cities give you no opportunity to rest and relax.

If you want to sleep while waiting for your plane or train, you face many security and hygiene problems. We believe that urban infrastructure should be more comfortable.

For this purpose we have developed Sleepbox. It provides moments of quiet sleep and rest without wasting time in search for a hotel.

Other obvious standard features include ventilation, and plug sockets for notebook and mobile phone chargers.

To spice things up a bit, added options include matted film on the windows, mood lighting LED lamps with changing light colours, built-in TV and touch-screen monitors, WiFi, an alarm, an intercom and a safe.

Chilled vibe…

The price depends on the number of hours one uses it for, and decreases relative to the amount of time you’ll use it for.

Because of the efficiency of the design, they can be installed and moved easily, and also present an opportunity for branded advertising.

It probably won’t be long before they start arriving at terminals all around the world.

[Source: DailyMail]

Snoop Dogg Meets Facebook Founder Mark Zuckerberg

Mark Zuckerberg, Snoop Dogg, and Sean Parker

The boss of the West Coast, Snoop Dogg, kicked it with the bosses of Silicon Valley last night. Napster founder and Facebook investor Sean Parker hosted an exclusive event to celebrate the partnership between Facebook and Spotify with a night of music in San Francisco.

After entertaining the techies with his fellow D.P.G.C. member Daz Dillinger, the D-O-Double-G met backstage with Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg, Parker, and Spotify’s CEO Daniel Ek. Now that’s the real money team.

“Sean Parker is boss!! A Double OG!” tweeted Snoop after meeting the billionaire tycoon.

Snoop Dogg and Daz Dillinger
Snoop Dogg and Daz Dillinger

shule ya sekondari ya WAMA - Nakayama yazinduliwa mkoani pwani

Katibu Mtendaji wa Taasisi ya wanawake na maendeleo (WAMA),Daudi Nasib akifafanua jambo wakati wa mkutano wake na waandishi wa habari leo katika ukumbi wa Idara ya Habari Maelezo kuhusiana na uzinduzi wa shule ya Wama iitwayo WAMA - Nakayama Sekondari iliopo katika kijiji cha Nyamisati,Rufiji mkoani Pwani.Kushoto ni mkuu wa fedha wa WAMA,Subira Mgelu.
================== ====================
================== ====================
The WAMA Foundation has today announced the official opening of the WAMA NAKAYAMA secondary school to take place on the 24th of September, 2011
The event which will take place at the school in Nyamisati village of Rufiji district, Pwanis region,is set to be graced by H.E Dr. Ali Mohamed Shein, President of Zanzibar and Chairman of the Revolution Council, as well as dignitaries from the Ministry of Education, Diplomats, non governmental organisations and representatives from the Local government. The schools students will provide an array of entertainment to the invited guests as well as welcoming and giving the guest of honor a tour of the premise.
The school is a brainchild of the Founder and Chairperson of the WAMA Foundation, H.E. Mama Salma Kikwete, the First Lady of the United Republic of Tanzania. Through her visionary leadership the idea to build the school was conceived and through her efforts support was sourced from philanthropists and persons of goodwill for its construction.
In a quote given by the executive secretary of WAMA, Mr. Daudi Nasib said ,'Among such persons is Mr. Hayao Nakayama of the Nakayama Foundation of Japan, who was the first person to contribute money towards the construction of the school. As a result we now have this wonderful school which gives hope for a bright future to orphaned girls and those who come from poor families, who otherwise may not have had this opportunity.'
It was in recognition of this pivotal contribution of Mr. Hayao Nakayama that the Board of Directors of the WAMA Foundation decided to call the school the WAMA – Nakayama Secondary School.
The First lady, Mama Salma Kikwete, who is also the chairperson of WAMA foundation said, ' The WAMA Foundation very much appreciates and applauds his generous contribution and pray to God Almighty to reward him with many more blessings and greater successes in life.'
In his closing Remarks, the head teacher of the WAMA secondary school applauded the efforts shown by WAMA and the sponsors in support of the girl child education and said, ' it is the policy of the school, that students are sourced from all regions of Tanzania on the criteria that they should be orphans or come from poor families. Since it's inception,Nakayama Secondary School enrolled the first 83 students into Form I.
Unfortunately, one of them dropped out, so 82 are now entering Form II. This year about 90 new Form I students joined the school.
The girls study hard and understand that education is an important pillar for their development and in turn the development of their societies and the country as a whole.'


 Mkazi wa Isoka nchini Zambia akionesha hisia zake za kushangilia ushindi wa Rais mpya wa Zambia Bw.Michael Sata wa chama cha Patriotic Front(PF) kwa kubandika bango lenye picha ya kiongozi huyo kama ilivyonaswa na mwanablog Rashid Mkwinda aliyeshuhudia shamra shamra hizo nchini humo jana, picha chini ni moja ya matangazo ya Tume ya Taifa ya uchaguzi Zambia yaliyoenea nchini kote yakihamasisha watu kujitokeza kupiga kura(Picha kwa hisani ya

Kiongozi wa Upinzani Michael Sata ametangazwa mshindi katika uchaguzi wa rais uliofanyika juzi nchini Zambia.
Zambia yenye idadi ya watu Milion 13,881,336 kwa takwimu za July 2011, sawa na mikoa minne ya Tanzania kwa idadi, imeweka historia nyingine baada ya Sata kuwa king'ang'anizi licha ya kutuhumu kuchakachuliwa katika uchaguzi wa muda ambao ulimweka madarakani Rupia Banda baada ya kifo cha Mwanawasa.

Tume ya uchaguzi ya Zambia kupitia kwa Jaji kiongozi Ernest Sakala ametangaza kuwa chama cha Patriotic Front kinachoongozwa na SATA kimelamba kura  1,150,045 ambazo ni sawa na asilimia 43 ya kura zilizohesabiwa.
Irebe Mambilima, mwenyekiti wa Tume ya uchaguzi ya Zambi9a amewaambia wandishi mjini Lusaka kuwa Sata ambaye amepoteza chaguzi tatu zilizopita ambapo alikuwa akiwania nafasi hiyo hiyo ya urais amemshinda Rupia Banda ambaye ambaye amepata asilimia 36 ya kura hizo.

While ballots from 16 constituencies remain unverified, Sata can’t lose the election as there are insufficient voters to give Banda a lead, Mambilima said today. The election was held Sept. 20, alongside a parliamentary ballot. Results from the parliamentary election haven’t yet been announced.
Sata, known to his supporters as “King Cobra” because of his aggressive style, attracted followers among the southern African nation’s youth with a promise to create jobs and spread wealth by extracting more benefits from a rapidly expanding copper industry. Banda, 74, vowed to continue policies that have lured investors and led to average economic growth of more than 6 percent a year since he succeeded Levy Mwanawasa three years ago after the former president died in office.

Mining Industry

“An upset by Sata will likely see a more resource nationalist policy for the mining sector, with potential tax hikes and greater government equity shares,” Sebastian Spio- Garbrah, managing director of New York-based DaMina Advisors LLP, a frontier-market risk adviser, wrote in a report to clients before the election results were known.
“While Banda’s more genteel personality sits quite well with the growing upper-middle class, Sata’s more pugnacious campaign style appeals strongly to the disillusioned bulk of unemployed youth and lower middle class salaried government workers,” he said.
The elections were seen as “credible,” Maria Muniz de Urquiza, the head of a European Union team that observed voting and counting, told reporters in Lusaka Sept. 22.
Zambia may become the fifth-largest copper-mining country in the world by 2013, Sophie Chung, an analyst at Wood Mackenzie unit Brook Hunt in London, said in July. Production may more than double to 1.44 million metric tons by 2015, Brook Hunt said. Producers such as First Quantum Minerals Ltd. and Vale SA are planning more than $6 billion in investment.
Chile is the world’s biggest copper producer, with annual production of more than 5 million tons.

Sep 22, 2011



Taarifa zilizotufikia punde zinasema hali ya mpaka wa kuingia zambia imekuwa chafu na serikali kulazimika kufunga mpaka, baada ya wafuasi wa kiongozi wa chama cha upinzani MICHAEL SATA kuanzisha vurugu kutokana na kucheleweshwa kutangazwa matokeo.

Mmoja wa vyanzo muhimu vya Indaba africa eneo la Mpakani hapo amedokeza kuwa kuna taarifa za kuchomwa gari moja la upande wa Tanzania ambalo inadaiwa limeunguzwa likiwa njiani kuingia nchini upande wa pili wa mpaka.
Inaelezwa kuwa wafuasi wa Sata wanaamini kuwa kiongozi wao ameongoza kwenye uchaguzi huo lakini serikali inachelewesha matokeo kwaajili ya kuyachakachua!.

Taarifa zaidi zinasema kutokana na hali hiyo magari mengi yaliyokuwa yamekamilisha taratibu kwaajili ya kuvuka mpaka yalilazimika kuegeshwa eneo la "No man's land" ili kuepuka uharibifu wa mali.

Joto la uchaguzi la Zambia limeendelea kupanda siku hadi siku kutokana na kiongozi aliyoko madarakani kudaiwa kutofautiana na kanisa katoliki nchini humo, hatua ambayo imempa nafasi kiongozi wa Upinzani SATA kuwa maarufu kutokana na kuungwa mkono pia na viongozi wa dini nchini humo.


 BAADHI ya washiriki wa warsha ya kutoa mrejesho wa matokeo ya utafiti uliofanywa katika maeneo ambayo mradi wa ROADS unatekelezwa kupitia FHI ambao ulilenga makundi ya watoto walio mashuleni, nje ya shule, wanaofanya biashara ya ngono, akina mama wenye kipato kidogo na watu wanaoishi na VVU katika miji ya Kahama, Mwanza, Tunduma, Dar es salaam, Makambako. Utafiti huo umefanywa na SYNOVATE
Washiriki wakifuatilia mawasilisho katika ukumbi wa hotel ya Millenium Sea Beach View  Bagamoyo

Mkurugenzi wa TACAIDS katika eneo la Ulagbishi na miongozo ya kinga Bwana ASHIM KALINGA akionyesha mkakati wa Taifa wa kudhibiti Maambukizi ya VVU wa mwaka 2008-2012 wakati wa kufunga warsha hiyo

Baada ya hapo ikawa ni kupause kwa picha

Haule naye wa Njombe alikuwepo!!

Mwanya bwana!!!!!!

Sep 21, 2011


The Al-Jazeera satellite TV channel has announced that its director has stepped down after serving the network for eight years. Wadah Khanfar's resignation follows release of documents by Wikileaks, purporting to show he had close ties with the U.S. and agreed to remove some content in response to American objections.

The leaked 2010 U.S. diplomatic cable indicated that Khanfar was in constant contact with the U.S. Defense Intelligence Agency, responding to U.S. complaints of negative coverage and promising to tone down items on the station's website. The cables referred to Qatari Ministry of Foreign Affairs as "MFA" which passed him some of the DIA reports.

Al-Jazeera said in a statement that Khanfar expressed his desire to resign in July, and that his replacement was arranged one month ago to "to ensure a smooth transition." The statement did not refer to the leaked cable. The cable, written by the U.S. embassy in Doha, said the website piece, "Live Testimony Concerning Tal Afar," showed 10 witnesses giving their accounts of U.S. military operations in Iraq. Khanfar, according to the cable, "had taken a look at the piece and had two images removed (two injured children in hospital beds and a women with serious facial injury)."

Khanfar also referred to "a non-paper" agreement between the station and U.S. government, in his criticism of another August report by DIA pointing to a "violation to the station's agreement." Khanfar responded by saying "as a news organization, we can't sign agreements of this nature, and to have it here like this in writing is of concern to us."

On his Twitter account, Khanfar justified his resignation as prompted by the network needs for "renewal and change," and commented on several tweets linking his resignation to the leaked U.S. embassy cables, by saying, "(I am) entertained by all the rumors of why I have resigned."
The cable's disclosure of the Qatari-based network's cooperation with the U.S. government is a stark contrast with Al-Jazeera's reputation as a harsh critic of U.S. policies. At the same time, the United States shown little openness to the network, and Al-Jazeera's English language service has limited access to American viewers.

The Qatar-funded station praised Khanfar for "outstanding contributions" and named his successor, Sheik Ahmad bin Jasem bin Muhammad Al-Thani, a Qatari businessman and member of the royal family.

Source: New York Times

Sep 20, 2011

Facebook Yampelekesha Jack ANUSURIKA KUVUNJIWA NDOA

Facebook Yampelekesha Jack

WANAUME wanaosaka wapenzi kwa njia ya mtandao wa kijamii, Facebook, wamemkong’ota staa wa filamu Jacqueline Pentzel ‘Jack wa Chuz ’(pichani). Kwa mujibu wa Jack, wanaume hao wamempa usumbufu mkubwa na kumsababishia matatizo kwa mpenzi wake. Kutokana na tatizo hilo, hivi karibuni Jack alifikia uamuzi wa kujitoa Facebook ili kunusuru uhusiano wake na mwenzi wake. Jack aliandika: “Naomba niwaage ya mwisho marafiki zangu, fans wangu, ndugu na wengine wote mnaonipenda nami nawapenda pia kutokana na mambo yaliyotokea kwa upande wangu siku ya leo ndo itakuwa mwisho kuonekana fb najitoa.” Alipozungumza na gazeti hili wiki iliyopita, Jack alisema: “Kuna watu wanaandika matusi kwenye ukurasa wangu, wengine wananiita mpenzi, hiyo inamuudhi mpenzi wangu. Wakati mwingine wanaandika meseji mbaya, kwa hiyo nimeona jambo la kufanya ni kujitoa,” alisema Jack. Hata hivyo, uchunguzi wa Uwazi umebaini kuwa Jack hajajitoa Facebook, badala yake ameendelea kutumbukiza vitu vipya, kuonesha kwamba dhamira yake ya mwanzo imefeli.

THT Wahitimu

THT Wahitimu:
THT Wahitimu

KITUO cha Nyumba ya Vipaji Tanzania (THT), kimewatunukia wahitimu wake 30 vyeti vya kumaliza masomo ya muziki katika mahafali ya sita yaliyofanyika eneo la Block 41, Kinondoni jijini Dar es Salaam mwishoni mwa wiki.

Katika mahafali hayo, wahitimu hao walipata nafasi ya kutoa burudani mbele ya wageni waalikwa na kukonga nyoyo za wengi.

Mbali na burudani ya wahitimu hao, wengine waliotumbuiza ni baadhi ya wasanii waliowahi kupitia THT, akiwamo Mwasiti Almasi, Elias Barnabas ‘Barnaba’, Lina Sanga ‘Lina’, Dotto Bernard ‘Dito’, Amini Mwinyimkuu ‘Amini’, Bernard Paul ‘Ben Paul’ na wengineo.

Baadhi ya wageni waliohudhuria mahafali hayo ni pamoja na wanamuziki Waziri Ally wa Kilimanjaro Band, Carola Kinasha, King Kiki, Abdul Salvador, John Kitime, Chai Jaba na Mkurugenzi wa African Stars Entertainment (ASET), Asha Baraka.

na Shabani Matutu



MBOWE AUNGURUMA IRINGA MJINI AIWEKA NJIA PANDA CCM JAPO GANGILONGA APOKELEWA NA WANANCHI KIDUCHU....: Mwenyekiti wa Taifa wa Chadema Freeman Mbowe (kulia) akionyesha ishara ya kumwombea kura mgombea udiwani kata ya Gangilonga jimbo la Iringa mjini Edwin Sambala wakati akijinadi kwa wananchi leo
Mbowe akiwaaga wananchi wa kata ya Gangilonga baada ya kumaliza kumwombea kura mgombea wa kata ya Gangilonga na Kitanzini jimbo la Iringa mjini.
Mbunge wa viti maalum mkoa wa Iringa Chiku Abwao akiwaombea kura wagombea udiwani wa Chadema kata ya Gangilonga na Kitanzini leo
Mgombea udiwani wa kata ya Gangilonga Edwin Sambala akimsikiliza mwenyekiti wake taifa Mhe.Mbowe
Mgombea udiwani kata ya Kitanzini Gervas Kalolo
Wananchi wa kata ya Gangilonga na Kitanzani waliofika katika mkutano wa Chadema kata ya Gangilonga wakigombea kumsalimia Mbowe leo Gari la Mbowe likisindikizwa na mashabi eneo la Kitanzini leo
Wananchi wa kata ya kitanzini na kata mbali mbali za manispaa ya Iringa wakiwa katika mkutano wa Chadema leo
Mwenyekiti wa Chadema Taifa Mhe.Mbowe kati kati na mbunge wa jimbo la Mbeya mjini Joseph Mbilinyi akiwa na katibu wa Chadema wilaya ya Iringa mjini Susana Mgonakulima
Wananchi kiduchu wa kata ya Gangilonga wakimsikiliza Mbowe leo
Wadau wa mziki pia wakimsikiliza Mbowe na MR.Sugu leo